The institution has effective mechanism for the evaluation of students in order to assess their progress. All internal examinations follow a schedule which has been prepared at the beginning of the year/semester. Two centralized terminal exams and minimum two test papers are uniformly conducted as per schedule. A model examination is conducted by departments in the last term. The model exam follows the pattern of sem-end examination so that students will be able to adjust time while appearing for University/ external examinations. Continuous internal Evaluation (CE) was introduced for the Choice Based Credit and Semester System. The Staff Council and Academic Monitoring Committee prepare schedule for conducting internal examinations like test papers, terminal examinations and model examinations. Student’s progress is communicated to parents. After the terminal examinations, parent- teacher meetings are convened to analyze the performance of students. The evaluation process is quite transparent with provision for remedying any possible grievance


Sl.No Title Date Time Table
1 UG 5 th semester Examination Schedule: 14/10/2019 DOWNLOAD
2 UG 3 rd Semester Examination Schedule: 15/10/2019 DOWNLOAD
3 PG 3 rd  Semester Examination  Schedule 15/10/2019 DOWNLOAD
4 ArabicPG 3 rd Semester Examination Tentative schedule: 10/10/2019 DOWNLOAD

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