Our Mission
Providing affordable and quality education to all, especially to the backward and marginalized people, the Muslims, Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, empowering the under-privileged through education and providing education catering to the needs of present global job market.
Our Vision
We dedicate ourselves for the educational uplift of the people. We devise and execute academic, co-academic and other programmes to ensure quality of life, social and economic democracy, which ultimately will fortify us as a nation.
Our Journey
MES Mampad College was started in 1965 by the Ernad Educational Association, at a time when the socio-educational and economic level of the Ernad region and the people was alarmingly poor. There was no even UP School or High School in the Mampad Panchayath, which point to the extreme backwardness of the area. It was this grim reality that impelled the famous scholar and reformer, late C.N Ahamed Moulavi to persuade late Athan Moyin Adhikari, a landlord and philanthropist residing at Mampad to establish an institution in a rural area in Mampad village. One fundamental reason for the educational backwardness of this region had been the absence, for a long time, of an institution for higher learning. A large number of people


The College is situated in Mampad village in Wandoor Legislative constituency which for decades has been reserved for scheduled castes. Majority of the people in this region belong to the backward communities like scheduled castes, scheduled tribes and Muslims. Their social and educational level is poor, where an institution like this plays a big and positive role..

Minority status

The institution is granted minority status by the Govt. of India with all rights and privileges.

First NAAC Accredited College

This is the first NAAC accredited College from Malappuram district and also the second Muslim institution accredited by the NAAC in Kerala state

Associate College of FAEA

Mampad College is the only associate college of the Delhi-based Foundation for Academic Excellence and Access from Kerala. There are only 22 Associate Colleges allover the country. The Pathways Programme of the FAEA gives special training to selected students in areas like computer knowledge, personality development and English language competence. Pathways is a prestigious programme financed by the Ford Foundation U.S.A.

Innovative Programmes

Along with traditional courses, we also offer innovative programmes. The College offers a B.Sc. course in Food Technology. When this course was introduced, M.E.S Mampad College was the only College in South India offering such a course.

Terms And Conditions