An education institution’s renown rests on the renown of its alumni. MES Mampad College, like any other institution, is no different in this regard, a fact which the college is immensely proud of. Ever since its foundation 54 years ago, in 1965, the college has been consistently producing graduates who have gone on to distinguish themselves in various spheres of life and contribute generously to the continued excellence of their alma mater. The continued prestige of the college through the years and its recent elevation as an “Autonomous” institute owes as much to the contribution of its former students as to its academic standard-bearers. Over the years, the college has evolved itself as the first choice not only for prospective graduate students, but also for the prospective researchers. Just like the institution, its alumni association has also evolved over the years. The collective has already conducted several successful chapters both inside the country and abroad. There have been consistent efforts through the years from the alumni of the college in terms of infrastructure development and various student support systems (including financial aids). It is of utmost importance to the college to continuously nurture and strengthen this crucial bond in all its vitality and intends to take it to the next level

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