Research Centre, Department of Arabic

MES Mampad College is set up in 1965 by the famous theologian and scholar CN Ahamed Moulavi with an insight of giving higher education in the backward area of Eranad and Valluvanad. Later it was handed over to Muslim Educational Society Calicut. When the college upgraded as a degree college in 1970 Arabic was one of the second languages. In 1977 a double main degree course in Arabic and Islamic history was introduced and after three years Post graduation in Arabic was sanctioned considering the unique service rendered by the Muslim Educational Society to the Muslim community in Malabar. The Department upgraded and recognized as research Centre of Arabic, Calicut University in May 2018 with the University Order No 5764/2018/Admn

Research Supervisors :

1. Dr. Sabique. MK, Head, Department of Arabic, MES Mampad college
2. Dr. Mansoor Ameen, Assistant Professor, Department of Arabic, MES

Mampad college
3. Dr. Firdous Mon. K, Assistant Professor, Department of Arabic, MES
Mampad college
4. Dr. Abdu, Head, Department of Arabic, Govt. Sanskrit College Pattambi
5. Dr. Abdul Vahab, Head, Department of Arabic, Govt College Mankada

Research Scholars Four Research scholars are pursuing their research works in the department. 

1. Susheer. KK (Full time scholar)
2. Junaid. C (Full time scholar)
3. Shameem. K (Full time scholar)
4. Salahudhin. K (Part time scholar)

Research areas of Supervisors The department offers research in the following areas:

1. Diaspora Literature
2. Linguistics, Rhetoric and Prosody
3. Impact of Social, cultural, linguistic, political and religious factors
influenced in Arabic literature.
4. Quranic and Hadeeth Literature.
5. Indo Arabic Literature
6. Arabic Journalism
7. Cultural symbiosis between Southern and Central Asia
8. Trends and Movement in Arabic literature
9. Print, Visual and New Media Arabic


The Department of Mathematics declared as Research Department on 19.02.2018 (U.O.No. 2079/2018/Admn). The supervisors in the department are Dr. Sameena. K and Dr. M.C Ranjini in the areas of Graph Theory and Differential equations respectively. The first Research Advisory Committee (RAC) was held on 30 th November 2018 to consider the applications of Mrs. Shajitha. A, Mr. Sameerali. C. P and Mrs. Shabna. O. K under the supervision of Dr. Sameena. K and Mrs. Shabna. M. S and Mrs. Shameema. V under the supervision of Dr. M.C. Ranjini for registration to Ph. D programme in Mathematics (Science). The committee members were Dr. P. K Babu (Chairman), Dr. M. Nasser (University Nominee), Dr. Preethi Kuttipulakkal (Subject Expert), Dr. Sameena. K and Dr. M.C. Ranjini. The candidates presented synopses in ppt and they recommended Mrs. Shabna O. K and Mrs. Shameema. V for full time Ph. D programme and Mrs. Shabna. M. S, Mrs. Shajitha. A and Mr. Sameerali. C. P for part time Ph. D programme. All the five candidates were registered for Ph. D on December 2018 after the approval from University of Calicut.


Research in the department of chemistry is an amalgamation of different branches in science. The research activities of the department are lead by highly qualified and experienced faculties who pursue research in the frontier areas of science. We offers research opportunities for the degree of Doctor Philosophy in a wide range of interest from traditional physical, inorganic, organic, to new frontiers of chemical biology, material research and nano science. The major research areas covered by the departments are Adsorption and catalysis Computational drug designing Composites and smart materials Conducting polymers Natural products and organic synthesis

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