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3rd Convocation

Society needs Capable Youth: Dr. Anil Vallathol (Vice Chancellor, Malayalam Sarvakalashala)The objective of education is to achieve skill in the chosen field, said Dr. Anil Vallathol, Vice Chancellor to Malayalam University, here today while speakingat the third convocation ceremony of MES Mampad College. What we need is not students with high marks, but capable youth; and the capability should bemeasured by the creativity they exhibited by them, he added. The education should be able to impart not only knowledge but also deep awareness about the society we live in, said Dr. Fazal Ghafoor who attended the ceremony. Education should not be viewed as a means to make money. Educated women should come forward to the professional sector thereby enabling the social development, he added during the keynote address. More than two hundred students attended the convocation. Toppers from various departments received gold medals. Dr. P.K Babu, Principal presented  the report and Prof. Anas E, Vice-Principal, read out the pledge to the students. Prof. OP Abdurahiman, Management Committee Secretary, Jb E P Moyin Kutty, College Management Committee and Dr. Sabique, Convocation Co-ordinator delivered speeches.

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