Research, Monitoring and Advisory Committee is constituted with Principal as the Chairman, one senior Associate Professor as co-ordinator, a PhD holder each from science, Arts and commerce departments as members. RMAC is entrusted to co- ordinate the entire research initiatives of the college.


MES Mampad College has always maintained a Research Culture and has taken up a number of research projects funded by various funding agencies. Research publications, Ongoing Research Activities have added to the professional development of the Faculty. The Research Forum of the College monitors the Research activities of the college. Research forum aids the departments in submitting major and minor projects, applying seminars and organizes platforms to discuss recent developments in various academic areas. It has established academic and research linkages with other Universities and Industries. The Publication division of the College publishes creative and academic works written by students and staff. In February 2017, the publication division published a collection of poetry by students of various colleges. March 2017 saw the publication of Writing Gothic: An Anthology of Critical Essays. Three separate Academic Journals are about to be launched by the Department of Arts, Sciences and Commerce.

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